Knowledge Workers Should be Autonomous.


Knowledge work is the new direction of our future workforce. As interns, you should consider your time within an organization as a test drive for the company. Think of yourself as the car and the company as the driver, and your job is to show them why they need someone like you. While there are many characteristics that knowledge workers bring to the table, they are nothing if they are not autonomous. In today”s market, employers want to know that they can depend on you to get the job done without supervision. Can you bring a level of skill and creativity to a given project without depending on them to lead the way? Can you see the gaps that need to be filled without them telling you? Will you create new value for the company without needing your hand to be held in the process? They are already aware of what they can do, but what can you do that’s different or better. Knowledge work isn’t just about being a worker, it’s about stepping up and becoming a partner. To be this type of worker one must be independent, be flexible, be able to see any potential problems and provide solutions. Are you up for the challenge?