Company Resources



Goals for Growth

Revenue and Timeframe What revenue level or range will you achieve in year 1, 2, 5?
Customer Retention What customer retention level do you want to achieve in year 1,2,5?
Employee Retention What employee retention level do you want to achieve in year 1,2, 5?
New Insights, New Revenue How much new insight will you seek from customers?  How much new revenue will you earn from these insights?
Improved Bottom Line, including cost savings How much will you improve your bottom line in year 1, 2, 5?
Return on Knowledge How will you monitor and evaluate knowledge-based value created?


Management Style

Culture: assumptions, behaviors, artifacts – founder beliefs and values, matching founder behaviors, matching artifacts Do you stand for something in the marketplace? Do you have beliefs and values when working with customers and with each other?
Do you articulate your 1st priority?
Do your leaders demonstrate and support these beliefs and values?
Do you demonstrate these beliefs with organizational artifacts?
Are your beliefs, values, and priorities available for frequent reference?
Common Direction Do you share company background, have a Board of Advisors, explore current trends, markets, customers, set goals, track results and operational excellence?
Do your behaviors demonstrate these beliefs and values?
Do you support these behaviors within the organization?
Do customers identify you with these beliefs and values?
Are your customer stories available for frequent reference?
Do you provide customer, community, and insight services from interviews and relationship development?
Do you track trends, industries, markets for opportunities to expand and/or extend?
Do you support complex choices and incentives for ideation on new ideas and/or cost/benefit analysis
Retention Do people leave your organization? Do they stay? Why?
Do you identify “priority behaviors” for your organization?
Do you identify the good and bad consequences/impacts of “priority” behaviors?
Do you track the impacts of these consequences?
Do you reward based on these consequences?
Do you share information about consequences?
Do you help each other demonstrate “priority” behaviors?
Are these stories available for frequent reference?
Are there opportunities to innovate and for individual growth?
Do you have trust building initiatives?
Decision-making Support Research vehicles and resources, including subject mater experts, professional associations; company roles and responsibilities; decision-making parameters and criteria
Are decision-makers identified?
Do you motivate and support decisions?
Do you track industry, market, competitor, and company context?
Do you track and share a history of others’ decisions and consequences?
Do you clarify and set intentions for economic decisions?




CEO’s Day/Agenda – journaling, dividing to conquer, preparing to delegate What do you spend your time on?
Do you spend your time as you would like to do?  Is there time for growth considerations? CEO growth?  Company growth? Members’ growth?
How do you delegate?
2nd in Command and/or Successor   Do you have a job description for each, decision-making parameters and criteria for each
Do you have a backup person or process?
Can someone succeed you, when necessary?  Does that person know of your intent?
Is that person’s responsibility and accountability defined?
How does that person make decisions?
Leadership Team Are you ready (or when) to delegate operational decisions and management?
Do you have leadership candidates within your current organization?
Decision-making Support Are there standards for decision-making in your company?
Do all employees make decisions accordingly?
Do you check on motivations and support your standards for decision-making?
Is decision-making satisfactory in leading to your goals?
Do you check on motivations and support your standards for decision-making?
Employee engagement and temperament Do you trust and see opportunities for growth?
Do you track and celebrate results?



Formal Systems and Processes

Marketing/Sales Do you have a marketing plan that directs your sales operations?
Do you have digital, collateral, and in-person marketing initiatives that complement each other?
Does your marketing plan target a specific audience?
Who is responsible for defining, developing, implementing, and aligning marketing initiatives to all other operations initiatives?
Are decisions made according to a set of parameters, criteria, and expectations on results?  Track results?
Operations Do you have a workflow for each operational area?
Are they defined into a process with responsibilities, accountabilities, and results included?
Are all operational areas linked/integrated into internal customer needs?
Are all areas linked/integrated into external customer needs?
Are decisions made according to a set of parameters, criteria, and expectations on results?
Do current decisions satisfy your goals?  Track results?
Finances Do you track money?
Do you have defined processes or systems to identify this tracking, including responsibilities and accountabilities for expected results?
Do you make a sufficient profit?
Do you have extra money/resources for investment in growth?
Do you balance a new expense with new value to be created?
Do you have a funding strategy?
Are your investment decisions made in the context of long-term goals or short-term needs/desires?  Track results?
Do your decisions impact investments?
Are those impacts satisfactory to you?
Technology Do you automate whenever possible?
Are apps and systems linked?
Do they integrate?
Do you provide regular training and support on these apps and systems?
Do you have obstacles due to automation?
Do you evaluate your technology needs and potential solutions?



Major Growth and Innovation Strategy


Global and Industry Trends Do you seek industry, trends, and competitor awareness on a regular schedule?
Expansion Do you seek and track customer insights for expansion of current products and services?
Extension Do you consider extensions of your current products and services to new markets?
Cost cutting Do you consider new products and services for new markets based on trends, etc.?
Decision-making Support Do you have a set of expectations, parameters, and criteria to guide decision-making on growth?
Do you track the motivators of that guidance?
Do you track results?



Founder/Owner Engagement


Founder Accountability Is your founder responsible and accountable for the results of all decisions?
Thought leadership Does your founder seek and determine new direction and/or strategy?
Do new ideas for growth emanate from all?
Customer engagement and insights Do customers help your with new direction, products, services, and/or market?
Decision-making support Do decision parameters, criteria, and goal expectations drive decisions?
Are current decisions satisfactory to achieve your growth goals?
Do you track results?