Management Style



Assumptions, behaviors, artifacts – founder beliefs and values, matching founder behaviors, matching artifacts

  • Do you stand for something in the marketplace? Do you have beliefs and values when working with customers and with each other?
  • Do you articulate your 1st priority?
  • Do your leaders demonstrate and support these beliefs and values?
  • Do you demonstrate these beliefs with organizational artifacts?
  • Are your beliefs, values, and priorities available for frequent reference?


Common Direction

Do you support complex choices and incentives for ideation on new ideas and/or cost/benefit analysis

  • Do you share company background, have a Board of Advisors, explore current trends, markets, customers, set goals, track results and operational excellence?
  • Do your behaviors demonstrate the
  • Do you support these behaviors within the organization?
  • Do customers identify you with these beliefs and values?
  • Are your customer stories available for frequent reference?
  • Do you provide customer, community, and insight services from interviews and relationship development?
  • Do you track trends, industries, markets for opportunities to expand and/or extend?