The Innovation Co-Operative



The innovation co-operative is a community of business sustainabilityfocused individuals who help each other while working for continued success. They have a mindset of possibilities as opposed to a mindset of obstacles.

These individuals are supported by an innovation ecosystem of methods, systems, data, information, guidelines, and reinforcement that evolves within the organization to ensure the support and sustainability of continued development, growth, and success.

The innovation co-operative and ecosystem can be built within a single organization or within a community of like-minded organizations.

An innovation ecosystem encompasses three areas of focus:

  • Opportunity analysis through
    1. Customer insights
    2. Trend analysis
    3. Benchmarking with competitors
    4. Internal knowledge applied to other or external knowledge
    5. Failures’ analyses


  • Economic (quality and quantity) analysis using
    1. The right questions
    2. Relevant data collection
    3. Data analysis
    4. Contextual analysis of supply and demand matches, opportunity costs, action metrics, and sustainable margins of cost/benefit analysis


  • New opportunity implementation using
    1. Knowledge worker subject-matter expert project associates (certified)
    2. Company environment and platform that support knowledge work, including worker autonomy, results-orientation, quality and quantity differentiation, project structures, and continuous evaluation for learning


Company Resources help leaders identify and build the environment and platform to engage, empower, and enable knowledge workers to serve the organization’s needs to develop and grow.

Employee Resources include support in developing knowledge work skills and capabilities needed to contribute to the innovation ecosystems within their organizations.