21st Century

knowledge economy, work, and autonomy

Welcome to The Art of Performance

Shape Communications, Inspire Collaboration, Generate Innovations, Develop Thought Leadership, and Sustain Growth

21st century business is different. It is the era of the knowledge economy and worker.

We engage, empower, and enable knowledge workers to be autonomous and creative decision makers. They are self-directed and considered assets to an organization as they balance the needs of stakekholders, owners, and themselves.

We help 21st century business leaders build the autonomous environment that fosters this knowledge work.

Chart showing the art of performance framework for stability
Graphic showing the interactivity between autonomy and decisions

All autonomous work is simultaneously independent and dependent, always striving for results while making decisions with collaborators and stakeholders.

Building a Culture for Sustainability

The knowledge economy is the environment within which we live and work today. It impacts all work of the emerging workforce and within organizations. The knowledge economy relies on workers’ expertise and the integration of this expertise to move an organization in a positive direction.

Knowledge workers are autonomous in their work and they are asset-thinkers, focused on a result.

Autonomous organizations provide the support needed for knowledge workers to be autonomous and, therefore, sustain and grow the organization.

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Results of What We Do

We help you build a systematic, cultural infrastructure to sustain and deliver these results.

Build Innovation

Generate New Revenue

Create an Autonomous Environment

Streamline Workflow

Make Growth Goals and Metrics

Maximize Customer Insights for New Products and Services

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Industry Experts and Behavioral Economists

Decisions are made through economic and emotional perspectives. Nobel prize winning behavioral economists and industry experts have analyzed how to blend these perspectives for best sustainability.

Knowledge workers embrace this blended perspective for high achieving decisions and results of their work. Economics quantify while emotions qualify their actions and decisions. 

Leaders provide the environment that supports that decision making. This environment includes infrastructure, data and information, communications and decision protocols, and rewards for knowledge work.

The Innovation Co-Operative

The Innovation Co-Operative is a community of business sustainability–focused individuals who help each other while working for continued success. They have a mindset of possibilities as opposed to a mindset of obstacles.