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Mindsets include goals, values, beliefs, and mode of work. They guide all knowledge work and decision making.
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Building Knowledge Worker Autonomy

The seven skills of knowledge worker autonomy include:

Building an Autonomous Environment

The seven conditions of an autonomous environment include:

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Our portfolio of value-creating projects

Multiple programs have demonstrated individual and environmental autonomy.

How we work - Company Team Concept

Our team includes a knowledge work facilitator, the guidance of industry and behavioral economists, and you as the expert on your goals and organization. Knowledge work is guided by the agency, options, and control of autonomy and implemented by your company team of experts and leaders.

Jane Frankel

Jane Frankel

Thought Leader

Jane Frankel is a business author, lifelong educator, workforce consultant, and successful entrepreneur. Her new book is “The Intentional Mindset: Data Decisions, and Your Destiny” (Business Expert Press).

She is Managing Principal of the Art of Performance LLC, which she founded in 2007. Frankel has been an advocate of lifelong learning throughout her career as a teacher, organizational design specialist, and education program developer in both private and public sectors.

Frankel’s focus is on building 21st century innovation and learning cultures through workforce and customer engagement, strategic alliances, internships, and innovation planning. Frankel holds an MS degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of PA and a MS in Education from Temple University, both in Philadelphia, PA. She has served on multiple boards and associations focused on innovation and learning activities.


Recent Publication

The Intentional Mindset: Data, Decisions, and Your Destiny

Do you derail yourself or do you propel yourself toward success?

Why do some people consistently make good decisions – ones that drive them toward more and more success – while others seem to constantly derail themselves instead?

Your decisions lead to your destiny. You can make good decisions or bad decisions. These decisions are very often based on your mindset. Recognizing the power of your mindset is essential to reaching your destiny.

Your mindset includes your goals, values, beliefs , and mode of work. It provides the framework for how you think, how you behave, and why you make decisions. Understanding your mindset puts you in control of your life.

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