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A popular entrepreneurship, self-development & success site with 200,000 monthly readers. 

Leadership Now

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A prestigious leadership site featuring bestselling authors like Daniel Goleman and Bob Nelson with 650,000 monthly readers.


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4 Components for Shifting Your Mindset to the Right Direction – Vivid Minds


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A popular HR site that focuses on issues and news for HR professionals at all levels. It has a sophisticated readership of decision-makers; 37% of the audience are at the director level or above. It reaches 250,000 visitors a month.


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Switch, formerly Women 2.0, has built a robust space that invites tackling heavy topics like gender and race inequality and calling for and creating pathways to action. They get over 300,000 visitors a month.


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A leading business magazine written for CEOS, CFOS, top managers, investors, executives and business leaders with 1 million monthly readers.